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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kayaking - Broadwater Creek with the Gods

A bit of a different tack exists for today's post. This trip was undertaken by the Gods of Cairns Kayaking and not any of our usual paddling crew. The destination was Broadwater Creek....paddable apparently only in the wet season, presents one of the ultimate thrill rides. As you will see it is only for the dedicated thrillseeker and the Passionate.

Ultimate dedication is a must in this as the thrillseekers were choppered in with the boats on slings....which also must have been a sight to the normal person in the street. Upon talking to Peter Blakey, one of the participants, this trip was classified as an overnighter and was apparently 2 seven hour paddles of the Saturday and Sunday. The only placid part of the journey, was the last 40 minutes of the paddle when it reached the Herbert River plain.

Apparently this is the second descent of Broadwater Creek (of which the boys had carried their boats in) which starts in the apex of the hills up behind the township of Cardwell, Queensland, Australia. The creek then follows steep gorges down to the foothills and sugarcane territory of Ingham and the Herbert River Plain.

This trip was undertaken by Peter Blakey and his crew, Kristian who took the photos, Josh Bond, a couple of hard core paddlers from Townsville, and one paramedic whom I don't think his skills were required and 11 all up.

These are the gods that we aspire to, although I am not sure that any of the regular paddlers would undertake such an adventure....all except for Tarzan, who upon seeing the photos....asked when were we going ????

I cannot name any part of the gorge or the paddlers within....sorry about that.... But in reality, I suppose this page pays homage to the guys with the courage and bravery to paddle such a monster.

Once Blakey writes it up on his website, you may have a further insight into the trials and tribulations of such an expedition.

But Enjoy......

Remember, when travelling the vast waterways of this great country, please only leave footprints in the sand, and take nothing from the area but photographs and memories.



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